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now if you have someone like Kate that simply isn’t trying, ok I get it. But in the same token, sometimes these “true to form” routines are just that – lifeless, robotic collections of steps without a whole lot of creativity…Susan’s hustle in season 7 comes to mind.

I do like Tony, but he’s not necessarily a favorite… It almost reminds me of the syllabus tests we used to have to take in my ballroom lessons – very mundane execution of the steps we’d learned in front of a judge so that we could graduate to the next level.

He’s such a wonderful calming presense on the show and quite honestly that’s a breath a fresh air considering all the personalities on the show : I really like Dmitry as a person but as a choreographer/dancer he seems kinda dull to me. ” I felt bad, but I also thought that he had to have heard that Len didn’t like that stuff. But then, how do you explain Maks doing the same thing with Erin more than once? Definitely one of the best Latin guys they’ve ever had on SYTYCD, and that has carried over to DWTS.

I was also screaming at the TV when he had that 10 zillion bars of Mya dusting the judges desk — “Dude! It boggles the mind that the pro gets angry when they get yelled at for that because Len has *always* hated that stuff. I like that he tries to make his routines very “now” by playing into certain trends in music & theme (Mya’s Hairspray freestyle, his “Hip Hip, Chin Chin” routine for Lacey & Danny on SYTYCD), but in the same token, I feel like it tends to make his dances feel a bit…cliche.

It worked when he let her throw out some ideas for her ’70s samba – it got a 30, and was one of their more memorable performances for me that season (and not just because of Dmitry’s porn ‘stache, hehe).

And I know we’ll never know for sure, but I have always wondered if their disastrous freestyle could have been salvaged if they had gone with Mya’s idea instead of Dmitry’s – because clearly the latter’s did not work at all.

Derek is the most successful pro on the show and this might just be one of the reasons.

: Tony is like a girl on PMS (excuse the comparison for those girls who don’t do this).

But seriously – what makes Kate, somebody with ZERO dance background, think that her ideas are going to be any better than the ones that Tony, a seasoned pro, is giving her? Then there’s the case of Maks and Erin and her freestyle – not a bad idea to let Erin tap into some of her dance experience, but I think Maks should have reigned her in a bit when the routine got too far out of their comfort zone. Heidi, I think it’s funny that you think calling him a dud is harsh, but then you go on to say all negative things about him. Imagine if he wasn’t lucky enough to get Mya who is a great dancer?

It’s a delicate balance, the whole “let your celeb have input” vs. Would Dmitry have any other memorable dances on DWTS?

: When Tony has a partner with some measure of talent he really pushes them (Stacy Keibler and Melissa Rycroft) but on the other side of the coin when it’s a partner that doesn’t have natural talent he doesn’t challenge them nearly as much, choosing to work around them… Tony can be good, but he can also find one great attribute, like Melissa’s ability to kick her leg high over her head, and then repeat it so often that you can make a drinking game of it.

which honestly a lot of pros do but I like to see my stars challenged… : For me Tony’s best quality (and also one of his biggest problems) is his ability to actually use legit syllabus steps in his choreography – as I’ve mentioned before, sometimes some of the pros venture so far out of the realm of “meat & potatoes” steps in some of their routines that we’re left watching something that barely resembles a samba or a waltz. Tony, for me, is the male pro that most often seems to take strides to stay true to the dances; we see New Yorkers in his cha-chas, we see bota fogos in his sambas, we see quarter turns in his quicksteps.

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