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Here is a sample of the feedback: Mentees The postdocs, all engaged in basic or translation science research, met with faculty mentors for an intense hour-long set of eight-minute one-on-one sessions in which they discussed a topic of their choice related to their professional plans.

Mary Lou King, Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy and member of the SEEDS steering committee, hosted the mentoring event; more than twenty people participated.

However at least someone else in the club had a murder motive...Afterward, all attendees could meet each other during a social hour. The greatest benefit is to meet with younger faculty. I really enjoyed it and thought it was immensely valuable. How to forward your career with through grants, promotion & tenure, & CVs.Do you think this type of event is useful to faculty? Event helped to understand new faculty especially resident track faculty such as individuals in our own labs. What is one thing you are planning to do as a result of this event? Overall assessments All participants would recommend speed mentoring to their colleagues.Somewhat, this is better than having nothing in place. Planning to see senior faculties in our department to help me in my research field. Three quarters of the mentees and half of the mentors welcomed a speed mentoring event every semester; the rest preferred one event yearly.Properly submit documents for consideration of promotion. Decide what I could request when getting/applying for a new job. Get in touch with collaborators who can help write grants. The majority of both groups thought that the lunch afterward was also useful.

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