Can we survive without dating romance and love

i think you need to do some thinking and then sit down with ur hubbby and talk properly.

no wonder he was upset out of the blue you saying lets be friends.

can we survive without dating romance and love-22

it took our relationship a little while to adjust but oh is ok with it now, which really relieved me.

maybe dont mention it again, but if you are not really going there anyway then just leave it at that? If the 2 people in a relationship can accept that, then there is no problem.

x Hi, i think a marriage can survive without sex and if there is perhaps still affection towards each other, cuddles etc, but only if you reach a point were there is not any resentment about it from either partner, otherwise i think it will be something that may never be spoken about but will become and underlying argument that can end up causing the break down of a relationship. There are lots of different aspects that make up a relationship other than just sex. Hiya I ended my marriage after 6 years, after the last 2.5 years we stopped having sex although to be honest we didnt have much before that if I am truely honest.

I dont think we were matched sexually, and as much as I dont wish him any harm in life I wish I had never married him, we didnt even have sex on honeymoon or wedding night, I think that was a big sign something was wrong.

But when you first get together and you are making love in the car, because you both live with parents and dont have privacy you know you maybe arent fulfilling your love life but once you move in with him I expected us to be like rabbits but we werent.

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