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Replying instant lowers your status as "the prize".

If you decide to wait awhile, maybe a few hours before replying.

Although i kinda disagree with stuckey's interpretation.

To me, the "waiting" is more not initiating a conversation and stuff rather than leaving them hanging for you to text them back in the middle of a convo.

I've gotten lots of other benefits from it, but not that one.

FYI, the techniques for women to absorb the energy beyond the most superficial levels are non-trivial.

Before that it was fantastic, received a lot of compliments and she was the one that told me at least 3 times that she wants to continue to see each other, so I don't see what else it could have been. When can a man start talking about personal chit and his insecurities?

some girls will be turned off by that kind of talk..

I often get asked about it by men who want to know if it will improve their sex lives (maybe), help them get laid (no), or help with their spiritual or martial arts practice (yes).I just returned from a lecture with Nicole Daedone, the founder of One Taste who is featured in Tim Ferriss' new 4-hour Body chapter on the 15-minute orgasm.Or as some call her, the Orgasm Lady lol A student of Buddhism in the audience retold that his teacher taught: in orgasm, the women's energy is retained while the man's semen(energy) is depleted.Went on a date few days ago and I think the reason I got rejected over text with the classic ''i dont think we should see each other anymore, but it's because I think I am not ready for relationship'' was because at the end of the date I started talking about my lack of experience in dating.I noticed that she seemed kind of dissapointed to hear that and told me that I shouldn't say stuff like this, because it ''doesn't matter''.

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