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Had a friend at work who seen their own Photo as a main profile picture on another profile, She thought she was a clone, when she questioned it, the profile disappeared, talk about Illegal activities, this site takes the cake. Where these users come from I unknow - eother from the site itself or unknow users...

it seems the scam is your site either knowingly or unknowingly or as soon as I have joined I have been contacted by a lady that is from the united states (Claims to be from SA) who wants to chat with me.

I have returned after a year of inactivity for a quick browse and seen some of the same members, still there, last active today, so the membership pool can also be quite stagnant. I think generally only a certain type of man who ticks all the profile boxes does well with online dating - for all others it's very hit and miss. The only girl who spoke to me barely spoke English and wanted to find out how much money I have.

On average, you'd have better luck hitting up the checkout chick at your local greengrocer. I know you think it won't happen to you, but it will on this site. If you do go on it, don't spend anything with them. This site causes me to feel hopeless and depressed since some of us are just too busy to go out yet still want to find love.

They clearly steal pictures and just make the profiles up. Be aware of scams on site to tempt you to but stamps by bogus users...

Less than two years after my traumatic encounter with Steve I met the man of my dreams, a gorgeous Peruvian guy.

I've since travelled to Peru twice, met his family, visited Machu Picchu and we're now engaged and in the process of renovating our new home.

I could tell it was an admin staff just giving me random answers and not even talking just replying boringly to my questions.

Once I asked to meet up for coffee, there was no reply at all.

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