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A man is stabbed in the chest and falls to the floor dead (we see a lot of blood on his clothing). A man sells another man plutonium in a van; police interrupt them and one man shoots the police officers and three other men in the van (blood splatters), and he leaves the van and walks through a crowded market place as other men in the market shoot at him.

A man shoots several men in a room and holds his gun on another man who is holding a woman; the remaining people fight with punches and kicks, more gunfire is exchanged, the woman stabs a man in the foot (blood pours from the wound) and the stabbed man is later kicked in the foot where the knife is still protruding).

A man bites of part of the ear of another man and chews on it before spitting it out with blood (the injured man has a very bloody ear and blood runs down his neck).

Many men with guns enter a beach and shoot randomly, hitting many people and we see blood spray and wounds bleeding as the victims fall and are thrown; a woman is shot in the chest, falls to the ground and is shot again in the back as a wounded man tries to reach her (we see blood on their wounds).

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