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During the early nineteenth century, several Christian missionaries moved into Michigan to begin missionary work among the tribes.Their impressions are some of the best we have of early relations between Native Americans and whites.Taken together, this group of documents tells a complex story about early contact between Native Americans and whites.It was often charged with tension and emotion, but also had moments of friendship, cooperation, and even intimacy.I thought afterwards perhaps I had undertaken a good deal, for I would have been obliged to have kept my exact word with them or lost at once and forever all power over them. (4-5) * * * Pete-Na-Wan, a chief, had a girl six years old who had consumption.

He told me this: "I noticed when my cattle came home at night their sides would be bleeding and there were marks of arrows on them; those pesky little Indians were trying their skill at shooting.The Indian village was only a half mile off, so the Indians were frequent visitors.Grandfather was a very large, powerful man, and while very kind to them he was decided, and never yielded a point of right.The founding of Fort Wayne in the late 1600s and Detroit in 1701, increased contact between whites and Native Americans-so much so that in 1775, Detroit felt it necessary to regulate the sale of liquor to Native Americans.Many settlers feared Native Americans because they were different.

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